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16 Foods to Naturally Detox Daily Radition Exposures

When disaster strikes, many rush out and buy the saving grace without exactly knowing its proper use or why they are buying it. We often don’t think of something like radiation exposure until there is a looming threat. But, there are steps we can take all along to minimize and reverse damage from the many forms of radiation we encounter everyday.

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The Most Under Diagnosed Disease Today – Do You Have Celiac?

I had never even heard of Celiac disease until not long ago when someone close to me was diagnosed. Celiac (Gluten Enteropathy) is an intolerance to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye and barley. It is very serious, and even life threatening if left untreated. But it is the most under diagnosed and misdiagnosed […]

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Health Benefits of Coffee – Do they Outweigh the Risks?

Without a doubt, coffee is one of our society’s favorite beverages. But while many people wouldn’t even think of starting their day without savoring that hot, aromatic blend, it has been the subject of long standing debates on its health risks and benefits.

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