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Negative Emotions Are Dangerous to your Health

Most people know how much a positive attitude is important in having success in life. And many also are also aware that your emotional outlook has everything to do with your physical well being. In fact, studies have shown that the link between physical and emotional health is even stronger than the connection between health and nutrition. Certainly, […]

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Getting High Nutrient Foods in Your Diet

This is an excellent video of Dr. Furhman explaining why an excess of macronutirents (fat, protein and carbohydrates) and deficiencies of micronutrients in our diets cause most of the diseases that we are so typically facing today. He explains in logical and easy to understand terms why it is that many diets do not work, […]

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Is Olive Oil Really Good for Your Heart?

Some years ago, science revealed that certain fats were not only good for us, but helped reduce cholesterol.  Much more recent scrutiny of decades of studies have since revealed that cholesterol itself is not the daemon it was portrayed to be. How does Olive Oil tie in? Long since realizing that people lived in the […]

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Dangers of Aspartame; What you Need to Know to Protect Your Health

Toxic buildup is imminent if you consume daily amounts of Aspartame, as it is contained in over 6000 product including diet soft drinks, and in NutraSweet. You can’t find one isle in your typical grocery store, with the possible exception of the produce isle, which does not contain at least some products containing Aspartame. Monsanto […]

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