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Society’s Systematic Sickness; The Life You Save May Be Your Own!

On a recent episode of Inspiring Minds Radio, we explored some simple and practical advice that may be very surprising to you (replay link at bottom). With the rates of cancer at about 1 in 4 people these days, not to mention the rising rate of obesity, diabetes type II, and other chronic, preventable illnesses, […]

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Health Benefits of Tea & Varieties of Tea

By Alex Zorach of The internet is filled with websites making claims about how tea is good for you–especially green tea and white tea. The science of tea is young, and the health effects of tea are not fully understood, but there is a large and increasing body of evidence suggesting that tea has […]

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The Coming Health Crisis and How to Stay Healthy

In a recent session of Inspiring Minds Radio, we continue to help you to be a healthier person despite the coming health crisis in our country. Our special guest, Dr. Donald Weber has studied Nutritional Research for the last 36 years, and is currently practicing Chiropractic and Nutrition Counseling in East Saint Paul, Minnesota. He […]

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Phytonutrients Healing Power, an AntiOxidant Army

Phytonutrients are powerful micronutrients which deliver vital antioxidants to detoxify your body. They are indicated by the colors of fruit and vegetables, and work synergistically with one another along with other vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Tens of thousands of known phytonutrients have been studied so far, and more are explored every day. To get a […]

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