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You’re As Healthy as Your Colon

Did you know that your health begins in your colon? Many of us go along thinking that as long as we feel fine, and maybe even working out, eating healthy sometimes, or so we believe, that we’re doing as well as we can be. But what happens in our digestive system is usually taken for granted. Thousands of chemical reactions and enzymes are at work breaking down our food as it passes through our stomach and small intestine.

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Beware OTC Drugs; They Are Not Always Safe!

It is well known that prescription drugs can have harmful side effects, but the same is true for OTC drugs, which aren’t necessarily safe just because they do not require a prescription! For example, this chart lists the inherent side effects of many known OTC drugs, most of which cause an improper acid balance in […]

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What Are Essential Sugars and Why Are They Essential?

Essential sugars, or ‘good sugars’ as they are also known, are the necessary carbohydrates, the glyconutrients that we get from nutritious fruits and vegetables. Glyconutrients are part of an even broader category known as Nutraceuticals, food-based substances that have a pharmacological effect on the body. The eight essential sugars are actually necessary for our health and proper cell functioning, and all are required for our cells to interact and function properly.

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