This is How Grains and Sugars Are Killing Your Brain

The biggest risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia along with almost every other chronic disease including cancer may have been staring us in the face for decades.

In his book, the Grain Brain, by renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, Dr. Perlmutter blows the lid off a topic that’s been buried in medical literature for far too long…..

Something we’ve been told to eat for our ‘health’ for a generation now is destroying our brains, and there’s strong evidence to back that up.

You might have guessed it (well kind of….


Well, kind of…. did you realize that any carbohydrate is actually distilled to sugar inside your body?

Even the whole grains we’ve raved about.

We’ve been studying the nutrient content in foods so very closely these past years, that we’ve not paid attention as much to the direct correlation between what we eat each day and the most basic of of our critical bodily functions.

It’s the constant levels of sugar in your bloodstream, causing your pancreas to work overtime producing insulin to keep you at ‘normal’ levels.

In other words, what we pay attention to usually only for those at risk for or diagnosed with diabetes should be a grave concern for anyone.

An overload of carbohydrates in proportion to the rest of our diet is what is putting us at risk for dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more.

And in fact THIS is why we’re seeing such a rise in the incidents of dementia and Alzheimer’s today.

Yet this is only part of the truth…

Dr. Perlmutter also reveals why we, particularly our brains, NEED cholesterol.

Another bombshell.

Yet study after study after study show that this is in fact the case.

But why would the pharmaceutical and medical industries not get behind this revelation?

Well I think we can all guess that. Cholesterol ‘medications’ are a billion dollar industry.

More importantly, it’s not LDL that is necessarily bad!

It’s WHAT HAPPENS to it when it bonds with the sugar molecules.

That is what causes cholesterol to be deformed and damaging to our hearts and brains.

It’s Not Hidden Science, so Don’t take it from me….

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to read this book. And if not at least watch/listen to the video below this post.

In the book and in his interview below with Dr. Mercola, Dr. Perlmutter refers to hundreds of studies in the most well established and respected peer reviewed medical and nutritional publications that prove his points over and over.

While we DO need carbohydrates to live, we only need 60-80 grams per day (where most of us get over 300 easily). Of course we then MUST get most of our calories from healthy fats.

Will this make us fat?

No, on the contrary…..

It will even help to lose weight naturally.

In the video Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, why your brain thrives on fat and cholesterol, and how you can spur the growth of new brain cells at any age.

He offers an in-depth look and a step-by-step program for how we can take control of our “smart genes” through specific dietary choices and lifestyle habits, demonstrating how to remedy our most feared maladies without drugs.

GRAIN BRAIN is a #1 New York Times bestseller and a finalist for a 2013 Books for a Better Life award.

With a simple and revolutionary 4-week plan, Grain Brain teaches us how we can reprogram our genetic destiny for the better.

The book has a lot more to do with ALL the ways we can prevent deterioration of not only the brain (leading to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s), but much of the ‘age related’ deterioration of the rest of our body.

After you watch this video, you’ll understand how you can reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, and gain brain mass as well as prevent other aging diseases while you look and feel better.

Though he covers Celiac and gluten sensitivities he also emphasizes how it is the carbs that are killing us, and how our health depends on getting enough calories from the good fats instead.

Here is an audio recording from Dr. Stephen Joyal about how previously thought ‘safe’ levels of sugar may actually reduce lifespan.

Please share this so that your friends and loved ones can begin to make the shifts in their diets they need to stay healthy!

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