10 Foods You Need to Stop Eating Now Outlawed in Many Countries

We take for granted as safe many foods found in our grocers’ shelves, and why not? Our FDA is supposed to be keeping us safe, right?

Moreover, things have been the way they are for as long as many of us have been alive, with industrialized farming, processed foods, and a perception of endless supply.

But many countries have already legislated certain food products and additives out of their stores and off their plates for the health risks they pose, and the environmental impacts they have, while in the US, things are much slower to change.

With so much bureaucracy involved in making those changes, and with so much money to be made by the corporations leading the food and agrochemical industries who lobby against such changes (think Monsanto for example).

Many farming practices, toxins, chemicals and poisons have leached into our bodies and our babies for too long. And the health conditions are beginning to show (our country ranks 42nd in the world longevity records according to the CIA).

With our advancements in western medicine, wealth and health care system, why is this?

We’re most often unaware how much of a tax we actually pay when we don’t ‘feel’ bad from eating something.  Our bodies take care of the toxins with nutrients otherwise meant to bolster immunity, health and healing.

But we’ll definitely feel better about our choices if we know why these things are to be avoided.

These are things we all need to pay attention to, and vote with our feet and wallets!
(Image courtesy of www.mercola.com)

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