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How to Make Easy Veggie Tots from Your Juice Pulp

I saw this recipe, which had nothing to do with juice recipes or juice pulp recipes, and immediately knew what I could do with some of this juice pulp from my juicing!

If you aren’t juicing you’re missing out on the most efficient way to deliver a LOAD of vital nutrients to your body, and in the most bioavailable way that it needs them. This post shows you how you can get the best type of juicer for under $100.

But once you are juicing, check this out, how easy it will be to whip up some of these to go with your juice – you can skip the entire first part where they cut, grate and shred the veggies then hand squeeze the juice out of them just to get the pulp.

If you are juicing, you have already made the pulp they do by grating and squeezing in this video so you can skip that first part of this recipe.

Add your own favorite spices into the mix, then dip these in marinara, mustard, ketchup, soy sauce or even salsa. You can even make these into veggie burgers, or an entire veggie loaf!

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