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How Successful and Sustainable Urban Farming Can Be

In the process of eating a plant based diet, I have attempted grow the occasional peppers, cucumbers or tomatoes, however successfully or unsuccessfully. Knowing how much work that was, and with limited success, I have to give a salute to those having truly achieved ‘urban farmer’ status!

Here is a family doing an incredibly efficient job of getting hugely abundant organic crops on merely 1/10 of an acre.

This is truly inspiring!

Yes there are naysayers who will pooh pooh why this can’t or shouldn’t be done, but good on them for going well beyond what anyone would have expected.

So get out your gardening gloves, and let’s grow a few things, if for nothing else, the pleasure of watching something grow that you can eat yourself!

Some might argue that they live so close to the freeway that the toxic air is leaching into their food, but I suspect that the plants are able to filter most of that out.

I think it’s a wonderful example of our resiliency and abundant thinking!

And this isn’t a one-off case. This family has an organization and website to promote and teach organic urban farming.

Here is another great example worth watching: