Top 3 Reasons Juicing is Super Healthy

What Makes Juicing So Healthy?

We’ve probably all heard that juicing is extremely nutritious. And you probably know that juice from your grocers’ shelves are probably not really not all that good for your health, and devoid by processing of most fruit or veggie-borne nutrients.

But even those “high quality” juices in their own section of the cooler still cannot be beat by your own fresh pressed juice.

Making your own fresh juice is absolutely the BEST way to get a powerful delivery of critical nutrients where you need them! Juice that has just been pressed from raw whole foods provides the highest quality nutrition with better absorption and assimilation possible of any other juice.

But Why?

When you drink your veggies, you are getting a very high concentration of rapidly available alkaline mineral salts, chlorophyll, other valuable phytochemicals, live enzymes, vitamins and electrons.

  1. The concentrated nutrients and live enzymes have a cleansing effect in the system, both crucial for someone detoxing from disease. Disease, not to mention prescription drugs,normally results in excess acid waste to build up and cause oxidative stress throughout the system.
  2. Alkalizing is one of the most valuable impacts that you get from juicing, simply because as a general rule given our standard diet, we have a pH that is too acidic and therefore disease prone (one too Alkaline is also disease prone). In the case of a more acidic diet (consistently high in meats, dairy, sugar, simple carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats), most minerals, enzymes and nutrients are used up in buffering the resulting acid (raising the pH). They are then not available to create the necessary enzymes to deliver those minerals to blood and tissue, building, healing and ridding your body of toxins. This post on the connection of acid pH and disease explains how a pH below 6 (very acidic) or above 11 (very alkaline) can be setting up an environment for the onset of disease.
  3. Though you lose much of the insoluble fiber with juicing, these raw, concentrated juices are more easily digested and nutrients assimilated than the whole vegetable itself. The juicing process itself actually frees the nutrients and electrons making them more readily absorbed by the body (some even through saliva and mucous membranes in the mouth). This is extremely important for someone in a state of very ill health). And of course you should always eat as many whole fresh veggies as you can.

For those fighting disease, any bulky (insoluble) fiber leftover will make it harder to digest, so if you have a lot of pulp left in the juice, you can simply strain it through a cheese cloth. Be sure to save the pulp for soup stock, dips, breads, or at least for your compost bin!

So if you’ve thought about juicing and have decided to just buy what’s out there already prepared, carefully consider how important an investment (and delicious!) juicing can be.

This is how to turn your food into some seriously healing nutrition! 

If you have decided to go ahead and get started, be sure to this post on how to select the right type of juicer to make the most of your money and efforts, .

Once you have purchased your juicer, you will want to have read about how to prepare and drink your juice to be sure to get the most health benefit from it!

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