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7 Ways to Stop Hair Loss and Rebuild a Lustrous Mane

The increase in the amount of hair in the drain and on the bathroom floor was so slight over time that she didn’t really notice that much….

Another sad side effect of aging, she thought ….. sigh …. just something else to get used to…

But the amount of hair she pulled from her brushes and scooped up off of the bathroom floor and out of the drain became increasingly worrisome.

She became sad over the flattened look her head appeared to have…

Even when braiding her pigtails for her bike rides, they just got smaller and smaller until they were each no bigger around than her lip balm!

She tried many potions and special shampoos, serums and scalp treatments, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

She even began to even tease her ever thinning hair (an old trick she remembered her mother using which was the style of the day in the 60s). Hint… DON’T DO THIS!

…. This only made matters worse…..

An Accidental Answer

One day her usual hair stylist was out for a broken thumb. Since one of his staff did have an opening, she hesitantly agreed to see her instead.

Immediately, the woman (in her 60s, but with full, thick hair) began to comment on how there was way too much hair coming out in the brush.

Then the lady then told her a few SURPRISING tips …..

And after a few weeks of doing exactly what this woman had suggested, they actually started to work!

So if you’re thinking it’s normal to see your hair in the shower drain or on the bathroom floor, think again.

Losing a little hair is part of the hair’s life cycle, but you should not be scooping up handfuls on a daily basis.

And if you think it’s too late, it’s not!

Seven simple things you can do to recover your fabulous hair:

  1. Take not 15 mg per day of a good Biotin supplement. Even though she was already taking 5000 mcg (just 5 mg) per day, the amount recommended on the bottle, apparently this will not do. The woman in this story had already been taking 5mg per day for years and it had not prevented the loss of hair she had previously experienced. After the woman in this story had been taking 15 mg per day for only 6 weeks, she noticed a complete lack of hair on the bathroom floor.
  2. Make certain you are getting all of your essential fatty acids. Eat more Avocados, fish, nuts, over easy eggs, coconut oil and seeds. Egg yolks are in fact the most abundant source of Biotin found in nature. Add a daily essential fatty acid supplement; one which does not use farm raised fish as the source of Omega-3s. (This is the one she took)
  3. Treat your hair with an organic coconut oil for a day; if it is especially dry, add a generous amount and wear a shower cap for the day and overnight, allowing the oil to do some good before you wash it out. It goes without saying that you’d want to use a good conditioner, but extra in-between treatments with essential oils are good for your hair and scalp.
  4. Make sure to get enough silica in your diet, and if necessary take a silica supplement with standardized extract of horsetail and / or food grade diatomaceous earth.
  5. Wash and blow drying are damaging so limit to every other day at most, preferably once or twice a week, to avoid stripping your hair of all its good essential oils. Even if you do shampoo, use a natural, organic shampoo with essential oils, and choose NOT to blow dry some days.
  6. Massage your scalp daily to create circulation.
  7. Finally, though some may argue that number 7 may not be so easy, but you MUST do what it takes to reduce stress. STRESS is one of the number one reasons your hair may be falling out! Sleep more, stress less. Smile more, stress less. Exercise more, stress less! It is VITALLY important not only to your hair but your LIFE!

It will take some time, anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on your hair and health, but if you stick with this regimen, you should see a difference just like this woman did, and reclaim your beautiful hair!