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7 Surprising Secrets for Sexy Skin

We all want supple, sexy skin, even though we might take it for granted in our teens and twenties….

You start to worry just a little in your thirties as a few fine lines may appear, but hey, you’re still hot, right? Yea!

But then a little more concern creeps in as you reach your forties, and you start to see them more and more… a bit too much!

Even when you’re taking care to limit your exposure to sun and you don’t smoke, you still begin to see more and more developed creases. Yikes!

Next thing you know you’ve gone over the ’40 yard line’ and then the fifties approaching and.. whoah!

You’re finding yourself doing many variations on the back pedal as quickly as you can learn the new steps…

But here’s news for you — it’s easy to waylay the slow progress of age on your face, neck and hands with just a few simple tricks…

So here are the seven sexy tricks you need to remember!

  1. Make sure you are getting plenty of silica in your diet, necessary for production of collagen which provides the plump elasticity that diminishes with age.
  2. Watch how hot you let your skin get in sun, or near a heat source, even hot water! Direct exposure to temperatures over 110 degrees can cause redness and a breakdown of collagen.
  3. Drink more water! Not coffee or sweet tea! Keeping a cup of water to sip on all day is the best thing, no need to guzzle a gallon or suck on a straw (watch those lines around your mouth!)
  4. Even better, get the absolute skin glowing results from juicing your own veggies.
  5. Get plenty of rest! At least 7 hrs a night. And avoid sleep lines by sleeping more on your back, and using a smooth pillowcase made of satin or silk.
  6. Eat more foods with Essential fatty acids (Omega 3-6-9)! Especially Avocados, Salmon, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, and over easy eggs! Take an essential fatty acid supplement (this is the one I take, and this is my affiliate link, thanks in advance for the small portion Amazon allows for my referral!) Be sure that if you want just a fish oil supplement to be sure the fish oils are not from farm raised fish (these are fed corn or other grains and have no omega 3 fatty acids)!
  7. Avoid caffeine and sugar! This includes alcohol and simple carbs, which the body sees only as sugar. These simple carbs accelerate oxidative stress at the cellular level, affecting the entire body, and the skin is our biggest organ, externally showing the aging going on inside (know about those brown spots that appear with age?