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Are You Blobking Your Vitamin D Production?

Most of us have heard that Vitamin D deficiency is rampant these days, causing many chronic diseases and conditions.

And we also know that Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when exposed to sunlight.

But we block these important sun rays with sunscreen in order to protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging radiation to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

So what do we do to balance the benefits of sunshine and the dangers of exposure? Well Dr. Mercola has a few suggestions that will help those of us who are concerned with this conundrum!

So get some sun, not too much of course, because the rays are truly powerful and healing. There can not even be water without sun! So imagine what it can do for our bodies. Of course, we know not to overexpose, but we are so generally under exposed these days that it has had profound effects on our health. Why do you think we get colds most often in winter!