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Beware OTC Drugs; They Are Not Always Safe!

It is well known that prescription drugs can have harmful side effects, but the same is true for OTC drugs, which aren’t necessarily safe just because they do not require a prescription!

For example, this chart lists the inherent side effects of many known OTC drugs, most of which cause an improper acid balance in the body, a prerequisite for chronic disease.

And I may as well include here a similar chart on the side affects of many familiar prescription drugs.

They also inhibit nutrient absorption in many cases, and even deplete vital minerals and nutrients from your system!

This post from Dr. Mercola describes some additional warnings that you must be aware of – including the harmful effects on brain function from something seemingly as innocuous as Benadryl, Unisom and other similar drugs.

Simply put – limit your use of OTC as well as prescription drugs to the absolute necessary!