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Society’s Systematic Sickness; The Life You Save May Be Your Own!

On a recent episode of Inspiring Minds Radio, we explored some simple and practical advice that may be very surprising to you (replay link at bottom).

With the rates of cancer at about 1 in 4 people these days, not to mention the rising rate of obesity, diabetes type II, and other chronic, preventable illnesses, we have a choice to make.

Our special guest, Dr. Michael Rushnak has board certifications in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, a Masters in Public Health and has held senior positions in government, managed care, pharmacy benefit management and the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Rushnak was a commissioner in the NJ Department of Health, led a non-profit major managed care company and a national pharmacy benefit management company, worked with a biotech company making disease prevention products, and has authored a novel “Terminal Neglect” which is based on his experience with our health systems and decline in public health.

In this interview, Dr. Rushnack will shed light on how we can avoid the looming health care crisis by taking control of our own health, talking to our doctors about what can be done, and spreading the word of prevention and wellness.

Please pass this along, share it where you can, so that we can continue to spread the word of wellness in order to avoid the looming crisis in our health!

Enjoy the replay!