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Is Olive Oil Really Good for Your Heart?

Some years ago, science revealed that certain fats were not only good for us, but helped reduce cholesterol.  Much more recent scrutiny of decades of studies have since revealed that cholesterol itself is not the daemon it was portrayed to be. How does Olive Oil tie in?

Long since realizing that people lived in the Mediterranean lived longer on average than the US population, with much less incidence of heart disease.

During the same many decades, types of necessary fats and unhealthy fats became more well understood, for example, including the monounsaturated types of fats of which is what Olive Oil primarily consists.

Many people consume olive oil freely, but many do not understand that many “Olive Oils” now are not necessarily 100% olive oil, nor that it is important for the health benefits that it be “first cold pressed”.

And most importantly, should we be cooking with it?

Olive oil includes the types of fatty acids from which our brains are constructed. Understanding now that decades of research has also indicated that we should be getting most of our calories from fats rather than from

Though olive oil contains some very important fatty acids, the heat breaks down the chemical structure of these fatty acids to render them chemically harmful rather than beneficial. In this case, they become the chemical equivalent of trans-fatty acids, known to be dangerous![1]

The right balance of fat and the right types of fat are essential to optimum health. Olive oil has much of the monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fats that we desperately need to balance the often too heavily favored omega 6 in common modern diets.

The video below reveals how we desperately need to get more calories from fats rather than carbs, why cholesterol is not the biggest problem but what happens to it when we get more energy from carbs, and why that is the root of the issue regarding inflammation related diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

There is actually a correlation to health indicators after consumption of fats, both olive oil and other oils and fats.

Always maintain a healthy portion of your diet in fruits and vegetables, and cut back on eating too much fat or too many of the unhealthy types of oils!

When you do buy olive oil, so many popular brands now hide the fact that they’re mixing it with other oils, so it is best to buy only ‘first cold pressed’.

The importance of eating nuts and seeds for health, and keeping them refrigerated so that their sensitive oils are not damaged by light and heat.

As a matter of fact, the instance in which olive oil is the LEAST healthy is when using it to cook with! Because of its chemical nature, it’s structure changes to that of the dangerous type known otherwise as ‘trans fat’. Only coconut oil and a few others retain their structure when heated this way.

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