Negative Emotions Are Dangerous to your Health

Most people know how much a positive attitude is important in having success in life. And many also are also aware that your emotional outlook has everything to do with your physical well being. In fact, studies have shown that the link between physical and emotional health is even stronger than the connection between health and nutrition.

Certainly, if you are not well, it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook, or even to enjoy the fruits of success when you do have it. Disease is definitely not good for a sunny disposition.

This is where you have to find an inner strength to be grateful, enjoy the simplest pleasures, and believe things can and will get better.

Because even if you are battling disease, it is vitally important to your health that you do everything to correct your outlook. This is possibly even more crucial than understanding and improving your nutrition.

Studies in both industrialized and non-industrialized nations around the world have proven that positive emotions are critical for maintaining good health and healing.

The link to better health has been apparent even notwithstanding basic human needs such as food and shelter.

A joint study by the University of Kansas and Gallup was presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Chicago.

This study involved over 150,000 people from 140 countries in even impoverished conditions, where the link between emotional and physical health was even more apparent. It indicated surprisingly that the link between physical and emotional health was stronger than that between health and nutrition.

So Why is This, Really?

Scientists will no doubt be studying this for years to come, but this much is known. The parasympathetic nervous system controls our bodily hormones and chemicals that are essential for the nutrient processing and detoxification functions of digestion, as well as for healing.

The sympathetic nervous system prepares us for aggression and fight or flight. It operates under conditions of emotional stress, worry, anger and rage.  But most importantly, it essentially shuts down the parasympathetic system in order to do so.

Worry, stress, depression and anger has been shown to cause a 50% increase in the risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Studies show that depression can lead to atherosclerosis, or thickening of the inside walls of the coronary arteries. This slows the flow of blood to the heart and brain, potentially causing a heart attack or stroke.

So, you know that you are in control of your reactions to situations, and you have to learn to recognize the negative thoughts and emotions the second you have them so that you can change your outlook.

If you are aware how damaging the chemical reaction that ensues from your negative reactions and thoughts can be, you might be more inclined to recognize these thought processes when they begin and do something to change them.

Here are 10 simple ways to improve your emotional well being. Even if you feel ok, breeze through this list and see if you can even do better!

Learn to appreciate and value yourself, as well as others. Enjoy even the little things in life….  and don’t sweat the small stuff – Your health depends on it!

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