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Medications Side Effects on Your Nutrition

Did you know that most OTC and prescription drugs deplete, or disable your body from absorbing, essential nutrients?

In this way, they are doing you more harm than good.

For example, aspirin inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamin C, and can reduce the levels of iron and folic acid, causing anemia, and a compromised immune system.

Contraceptives deplete the body of vitamins B6, b!2, zinc, and blood magnesium, which can cause insomnia, mood swings, and diarrhea to name a few.

Acid blockers also reduce levels of iron and zinc.  Zinc is important in high levels to fight off infection, and also important for prostate health, and is concentrated most in men in their prostate.

For a more complete list, check out this Perscription Drug Depletion Chart, and  OTC Medication Depletion Chart.

Please be aware that your body needs plenty of water, ESPECIALLY when taking perscription drugs or even supplements. This is so that your body can metabolize and make the best use of them.