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Elements necessary for our survival, critical to our sustaining wellness.

Are You Blobking Your Vitamin D Production?

Most of us have heard that Vitamin D deficiency is rampant these days, causing many chronic diseases and conditions. And we also know that Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when exposed to sunlight. But we block these important sun rays with sunscreen in order to protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging radiation to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

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Food Allergies; Your Body and Your Health at Risk

Our food supply has plenty of dangers in it aside from bacteria, much of which we have control by simply making the right choices. This video is powerful and I just had to share it with you. I found this the other day, and was moved by not only this woman’s story, but her courage in taking to task something so overwhelming in our society today. A shift of mindset might be required before we can ever begin to see a shift to a healthier society!

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